Welcome to Olympieza

Olympieza has been a cleaning company in Spain on the Costa Blanca Coast for more than seven years.

Our services are offered from Albir / Benidorm in the north to Murcia Municipality in the south.
Our Headoffice is located in Torrevieja, Alicante Municipality.
Our specialty is "quality" cleaning of homes, either after tenants or yourself, at very reasonable prices. We have also expanded our business to include the cleaning of department stores, staircases in apartment buildings, bars, restaurants and pool service.
If you need services such as key handling or supervision of your property, we can also assist you with this.
Start and end your pleasant stay in Spain with us!

Dare to try us – today we can boast with 850 satified customers!

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Now you can easily get a good offer on professional cleaning services. We do all kinds of cleaning jobs. We welcome you to visit our office at Scandinavian Shopping Centre or at Centro de Profecionales Escandinova. You can also contact us by telephone or use the contact form at the website.
- Best regards from the office